Monday, April 13, 2009


Yes, I know this is the incorrect spelling, but it is the way I feel about the magazine.  And this interview of Misha Saakashvili is just another reason for me to hate them.  These so-called interviews never come up with anything substantial.  They don't ask the right questions, and therefore they don't get the right answers.  Natan Sharansky's interview comes to mind.  Of course, in that case, it was very obvious that the interviewer... (Owen Matthews, if I am not mistaken) had not read a single page of Natan Sharansky's book.

Plus, the headline is ridiculous.  Maybe Misha (the love of my life!) does feel that way, but there are other things he said in the interview that would have made a better headline.  Not to mention the fact that he then cites four different Americans whom he feels support him.  Not that I think Hillary Clinton, or Richard Holbrooke are going to stick their necks out for him (though I rather get the impression that he knows that they won't).

But, I like the fact that Misha remains upbeat, and positive in the face of all of this.  And that he is refusing to back down.  And the crush will not die...

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