Sunday, March 01, 2009

Ramzan Kadyrov: Television Producer

Is there anything the man doesn't do?  He kidnaps, he rapes, he tortures, he murders, he drinks, he upholds Sharia, he rebuilds, and now he produces television shows.

In his latest role, he has manipulated the former members of the Ichkerian Government into publicly committing self-flagellation.  It must be nice, to have so much power to manipulate people like that.  It must be nice to have no compunction for anything you have done.  

... Ramzan Kadyrov won a convincing victory, and to round it off he compelled his former captives to admit that if he wished to do so he could destroy them all. Only good will prevented him.
That, unfortunately, is totally true.  And everyone knows it.  Then why was this show so convincing? 

It is also possible that today Kadyrov suffers from a desperate lack of respect on the part of his fellow Chechens. What he wants is not flattery and genuflection, but a serious, deep recognition of his services to the Chechen people.

The first part, I think, is absolutely true.  The second part, however, is a little... well, ridiculous.  If he really wanted that, he would not be doing what he is doing.  On the other hand, the article only makes me even more convinced that Ramzan Kadyrov is certifiably insane.

Kadyrov sees himself as a replacement for the Chechens’ former idols. The logic of his vision is that the country’s previous rulers were no better than he, and even far worse. 
I refuse to believe that Aslan Maskhadov was a rapist, or that he committed either fratricide, or patricide.

This whole article just makes me sad.  The poor Chechen people?  That they have been reduced to this.

P.S. No mention of Akhmed Zakayev was made in this article.  Presumably, he was not mentioned on the show, either.  Kadyrov/Slava are still courting him, I guess...

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