Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Saw This

article yesterday, and wanted to comment, but my internet was not working so well.  A few weeks ago at Davos, Vladimir Putin gave a speech.  I and many others commented on the speech, but one quote that I do not recall getting mentioned was this one: 

There is a certain concept, called the perfect storm, which denotes a situation when Nature’s forces converge in one point of the ocean and increase their destructive potential many times over. It appears that the present-day crisis resembles such a perfect storm.

 Okay, fine.  Makes sense to me.  Not a big deal.  And not really necessary to comment on it.  However, yesterday, I saw this headline: "Obama: We are in a perfect storm of financial problems".

I hope that Vladimir Vladimirovich had a temper tantrum.  I hope he was on the floor, kicking and screaming over this.  Because that is not acceptable.  If Obama had said, "As Prime Minister Putin said..." or even "as somebody, somewhere, sometime once said..." (I miss GW), that would have been fine.  But to quote without acknowledging that it is a quote, is just not cool.  You get marked down for it at Uni, so why is it okay for a politician to quote without citation?

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