Monday, February 02, 2009

Anatoly Chubais

I used to respect Anatoly Chubais a lot.  He was the ultimate Smith-ite (if you will).  I know I don't understand economics as well as I should, but these statements are a little weird.

"We have a very bad tradition in Russia, where strategy comes from tactics. So what I am afraid of is that this tactic [of taking government stakes in companies] will become a strategy, which is a real risk," said Mr. Chubais, who was in Davos when Mr. Putin made his speech.
Huh?  Isn't it already a strategy?  And aren't strategies and tactics the same thing?

"So long as state ownership doesn't now develop into a long-term government strategy, says Mr. Chubais, in three or four years "we'll have a second wave of privatization that will be aimed to getting revenues, unlike the privatization of '90s which was aimed at fighting Communism.""
I do not agree with that.  I believe that state ownership is a long-term strategy.  Well, as far ahead as these people can think (which, obviously, is not all that far ahead).  Again, they are only out for themselves, and everyone knows it.  And Mr Chubais is head of a company that was specifically created so they could they could get even more money.  I believe that Anatoly is sincere, I just think that he is misguided (probably through fear.  He is, after all, the brother-in-law of Slava Surkov).  

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