Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Wake Up, Europe!

Apparently, the Europeans need to be reminded that Gazprom and Russia are unstable on a yearly basis. You would think they'd have learned by now.
In other news, I was updating my biographies today, and I just learnt that Peter Latyshev (Presidential Envoy to the Ural Federal District) died on the 2nd of December. The cause of death was claimed as "heart failure". And since the average age of death for a man in Russia is now something like 58, I would say that Peter Latyshev had a pretty nice life. In any case, it is slightly better than having a "stroke" (Fyodorov) at the age of 50 (I still think that is shady).Latyshev's replacement is Nikolai Vinnichenko (patronymic unknown). The Kremlin has yet to post his biography (or photo), but I was able to get some information from other places.Here is what I was able to discover:Appointed on the 8th of December. Mr Vinnichenko was born in East Kazakhstan on 10 April 1965. His father was in the military there.

Vinnichenko graduated in 1987 from Leningrad State University with a degree in law. He met Dmitry Medvedev there.Upon graduation, he began working in the St Petersburg City Prosecutor's Office. In 1995, he became Prosecutor to the Moskovsky District of St Petersburg. He held this post until February 1998 he became Deputy Attorney for St Petersburg City. In April 2001 he was appointed Chief Federal Inspector for the Presidential Envoy to the Northwest Federal District. Vinnichenko was elected Prosecutor General for St Petersburg in April 2003. On 21 October 2004, he was appointed Head of the Federal Court Marshals Service.

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