Wednesday, January 21, 2009


A friend from Moldova and I were discussing the murders today, and she compared them to the death of the Russian child adopted by Americans.  I am not sure about the details of the child’s death, but my impression was that it was from ignorant negligence.  My friend seems to think that the child’s death was worse than the murders. 

I know that a lot of that is just the long arm of the regime’s propaganda machine at work, but it still upsets me.  Shooting a man and a woman in broad daylight in the capital of a country, with little or no response from the authorities is disgraceful.  This was not negligence.  This was outright disrespect for the citizens of Russia.  The regime has shown disrespect for its citizens since before they even came to power (the apartment bombings, Andrei Babitsky etc.), and has not stopped.  These most recent murders are just the latest example.

And nothing will change until the Russian people realize that the lack of respect will eventually come for them too.  But I think that they may already know that, and they are too inert to do anything about it.

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