Thursday, December 18, 2008

Stanislav Belkovsky

Why is Stanislav Belkovsky still considered a legitimate source? I cannot think of a single thing he has ever said that (A) has come true; or (B) I agree with. Witness the latest: "As long as Aven sits in his office, the regime will not change." In what world does that even make sense? It is backward logic. Plus, it is not as if Putin has not gone after so-called oligarchs. Aven could potentially be made a victim if Putin and Co cannot ride out this crisis. And this is true of any so-called oligarch out there.
*Note: I use "so-called oligarch" because I was reading Alex Goldfarb, and he made a good point about how the oligarchs were not true oligarchs because they did not actually control the power ministries. I am not sure how true that is, but it made sense to me.

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