Sunday, March 30, 2008

Edit Part The Second:

However, as my sister pointed out yesterday, that is in the top ten percent, so I guess I am impressed. But still majorly bummed about German being exiled.
Speaking of being exiled, rumour seems to indicate that Yuri Baluyevsky is on his way out, as well as Alexei Kudrin. I am not all that bummed about the latter (Yuri was a little too extreme, in my opinion), but I am concerned about where Serdyukov is headed with his "reform".
Alexei Kudrin, who was, supposedly, the brains behind both (A) the flat tax of 13%; and (B) the Stablisation Fund, is a little more worrying. If it is true, then the economic policies of this next administration may not be as... well, intelligent as the previous administration. Though (A) whether or not there is a "previous administration"; or (B) that they are/were intelligent is debatable... there was totally a better way to say that, but I am not sure what it is.

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