Sunday, June 04, 2006


Putin is creating a position for himself as head of Gazprom. To the point where the Chairman of Gazprom will be more powerful than even the President of Russia. The Chair will be more powerful than, and will even control, the Russian President. The Chair will also be able to influence the other Presidents in the area because he has control of the gas.
And all this talk about the successor is a moot point. Because the President will only be a figurehead, and Putin will control him. The most important aspect of the successor will be, first and foremost, his loyalty; and secondly, whether or not he can be elected. Is there a model of that? There is no way he could have come up with that on his own.
I think that may be what Illarionov was referring to. What did he call that? Let me see... The Venezuela Model. Maybe Illarionov is referring to Hugo Chavez?

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