Thursday, April 27, 2006

Dr Onishchenko

strikes again. You may remember this man from two of my previous posts (both on February 25).
Well, it seems that Dr Onishchenko has decided that it would be a good idea to ban imports from Georgia and Moldova of wine and mineral water. Georgia and Russia are currently in a state of "Cold War".

According to Masha Gessen:

"Last week a resolution supporting the ban came up for discussion in the Duma. It was introduced by a United Russia deputy, who made the following statements. Many Russians deaths -- roughly 13 percent of the total number -- are caused by poisoning by low-quality alcohol. Onishchenko has checked Georgian and Moldovan wines and decided that they are the culprit. The Duma should support Onishchenko.
"None of the study results cited by the United Russia representative were distributed among the deputies. And if I were a Duma member, I'd be surprised that relatively expensive imported wines are the cause of alcohol poisoning, which, common sense would suggest, is far more likely to stem from cheap vodka. One of the deputies was surprised, and did ask for documents. The United Russia presenter responded that the Duma had no reason to doubt Onishchenko's word. It was, then, a matter of trust and loyalty.

Well... if Dr Onishchenko, who blamed a roof collapse on illegal immigration, said it, it must be true!

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