Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Hurrah for...

Ramzan Kadyrov!
Quick Info:
Name: Ramzan Kadyrov
Location: Chechnya
Affiliation: pro-government militia
Profession: boxer, warlord, deputy prime minister
Born: October 1976
Died: -n/a-
Body Count: hundreds

I've actually been meaning to write about Ramzan for quite some time. The problem of Ramzan is multi-faceted. I read once that Ramzan is a symptom. In a sense, I suppose that is true. Ramzan is a symptom of everything that is wrong with Chechnya. He is a symptom of everything that is wrong with "Putin's Russia". He is also an example of what could happen to Russia if the Russian people do not get a clue and decide to stand up for themselves.
At the same time, though, Ramzan is a big problem. Now, I am not big on murder as a solution to a problem, but there are times when I feel that if Ramzan was assasinated, the world would be a better place (at least Chechnya would be a better place). Of course, I know that is not true and that it would just perpetuate the problem, but still...
More info on Ramzan to come in the future, I promise.

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